Dental Implant in Kharadi

Dental implant in Kharadi

What is a dental implant? 

It’s very hard to live with missing teeth. Some of the problems faced are food chewing and smiling. For this, dental implant treatment is a nice solution for missing teeth.

In Dental Implant, an artificial tooth is inserted into the jaw to secure a replacement tooth or bridge. Such a tooth is called a dental implant. Dental implants are a big boon to people who have lost their tooth or teeth to an accident or periodontitis.

What is the procedure of dental implants?

The steps involved in the straightforward placement of dental implants are:

  • Formation of a customised treatment plan for an individual patient after a thorough clinical and radiographic examination.
  • After surgical planning first, the extractions are completed following which implant placement is performed. In this, the actual implant made of titanium is placed in the bone after local anaesthesia at the surgical site and adequate osteotomy.
  • After completion of the surgical step the site is closed and the body is given time to heal which is about 6 to 12 weeks.
  • After the completion of the surgical step and adequate healing time,the prosthetic step is initiated in which the implant head is once again exposed.
  • Following this, the final impression is made and the bite of the patient is recorded for the final prosthetic replacement that is either a crown or a bridge.

Dental Implant, Tooth Implant, titanium dental Implant

  • A dental implant is a titanium post (like a tooth root) that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth or bridge into that area. An implant doesn’t come loose like a denture can. Dental implants also benefit general oral health because they do not have to be anchored to other teeth, like bridges.
  • Benefits: A dental implant can do wonders for self-esteem, because it feels and looks like a normal tooth. Many people who were shy about smiling because of a space from a lost tooth feel more comfortable after a dental implant. Beyond the aesthetics, a dental implant also makes it easier to eat and speak, because a titanium post secured directly in the jaw holds the implant in place.
  • Care: Good oral health habits are required for the implant. You must floss once daily and brush your teeth two to three times at day. In addition, you should visit your dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning appointment.

Why dental implant is needed?

  • To replace one or more missing teeth without grinding down adjacent teeth.
  • To prevent bone loss.
  • Resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth spaces.
  • To restore your confident smile.
  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion.
  • Restore or enhance facial appearance.
  • Support a bridge or denture, making them secure and comfortable.

Why choose Smile time for dental implants?

Smile Time Dental Clinic is the one-stop solution for a dental implant in Kharadi. With our dental implants, now you no longer need to rely on dentures, bridges or other removable appliances. We can help your smile with confidence and eat comfortably. 

At Smile Time Dental Clinic, our experienced dentist, Dr Neelam Jaiswal, uses only the best of dental implants which are ‘top of the line’ systems of dental implants. At our dental clinic, we will match the artificial teeth to your natural teeth, restore your ability to eat and speak naturally, and enhance your smile to the fullest.


Commonly asked questions about dental implant

Why would you need a dental implant?

Dental implants can be option for people who have missing teeth, but either cannot or do not want to get dentures, bridges or crowns. It is important to replace a lost tooth, as the consequences of removing/losing a tooth and doing nothing can grow into a much larger problem as time goes on.

How long do teeth implants last?

With regular brushing and flossing, the implant screw itself can last a lifetime, assuming the patient receives regular dental check-ups every 6 months. The crown, however, usually only lasts about 10 to 15 years before it may need a replacement due to wear and tear.

Do tooth implants hurt?

It is common for patients to experience some pain after the dental implant procedure. Initially, the discomfort may last one to two days. However, some patients may continue to experience pain at the implant site for up to 10 days.

Do dental implants feel real?

Implant doesn’t feel exactly like your natural tooth. With your natural teeth, you have tooth roots that have nerves that feel sensations – heat, cold, pressure, etc. You have to rely on the nerves in the surrounding gum tissue to provide the sensation for the missing tooth. Other than that, though, a dental implant looks and functions just like natural teeth. We can design them to blend in perfectly with surrounding healthy teeth, and you care for implants just like you do the rest of your teeth.

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