Root Canal Treatment: Myths and Facts

Root canal treatment myths and facts

There are certain myths about root canal treatment due to which people avoid it. Let’s see what are they:


Myth: RCT is a painful procedure

Fact: RCT is not painful. Local anaesthesia is applied before the procedure and hence patient does not feel any pain. 


Myth: RCT is an expensive procedure

Fact: The cost varies according to the location of the tooth and the cost of the crown. 


Myth: RCT has risks associated with it

Fact: RCT is not risky, instead, it saves your natural tooth. 


Myth: RCT can be avoided

Fact: Avoiding RCT can cause severe health issues and may require tooth removal. 


Myth: In RCT Tooth roots are removed  

Fact: Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged pulp (core) of a tooth is removed, and the inside areas are filled and sealed. It saves roots.


 Myth: RCT can not be done during pregnancy

Fact: RCT is completely safe for pregnant ladies. 

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