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Dental Clinic in Wagholi

Dental Check-up and X-rays

Dental check-up are important for everyone, no matter what age. Dental clinic in Wagholi are the best way to prevent cavities and other dental problems from occurring. Routine dental checkup involves a visual exam of teeth and gums, as well as x-rays and a smile analysis. Treatment planning will also be done at your dental exam, so that you can get the care you need to maintain your smile. If you don't have a regular dentist, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us today. Dentist in Wagholi.

Dental exams are an important part of your overall oral health. Smile Time helps detect early signs of tooth decay and other problems. During a dental exam, your dentist will:

  • Check for cavities and other signs of tooth decay
  • Look for gum disease
  • Check your bite and alignment
  • Take X-rays
  • Provide a thorough cleaning

Get the Dental check-up and xrays from the Dentist in Wagholi at Smile Time.

Teeth cleaning and root canal traetment in Wagholi

Teeth cleaning is an important part of oral health. By removing plaque and calculus (tartar), your teeth will be clean and polished, making them look and feel great! We offer professional teeth cleaning and Root canal treatment in Wagholi to remove built-up debris from the teeth.

When most people think about teeth cleaning, they think about at-home methods like brushing and flossing. However, professional teeth cleaning is also important for removing any built-up debris or plaque from the teeth. This is often necessary on a regular basis, especially if you are not good at brushing and flossing on your own. Our team of best dentist in hadapsar provide quality teeth cleaning and polishing services that can help improve your oral health and give you a brighter smile.